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Noctober Blog! 
What is that?

Wow... this month has just whizzed right on by.  And, woops... too busy holidaying, I didn't get a moment for my October blog. Now a little behind,  NOCTOBER is my make up on the cusp of the  new month. Which, as it so happens, is also my birthday month.

So what's news and what's inspiring me this Noctober, besides a growing list of yummo new cocktails I have discovered and the gift of another birthday? 

It is quite simply, simplicity!

Taking time out is truly a resetting of what's important in your life. I do love what I do but I do allow my projects and their visibilty to take over,  pushing  into the background somewhat, the day to day things that actually make life incredibly rewarding and fulfilling in the most simplist form. 

Without normal routine and the stresses it brings, there seems more time to listen, drink in company, savour the moment and really live life. The happiness living this way creates, is so totally contagious I can't help but want more.

But is there really more time?  Is there less time in our normal everyday days?
No. There is not, not really. Infact, we have more than enough time.  It just needs a re-jig.

Too often we forget and are caught up in over estimating what is important. Pleasing, rushing, cramming unnecessary tasks into our day that we will won't remember years or even months later. Taking little to no time to consider the loyalty of the things we give importance to and how  they give back to us, we fail to consider ourselves so that our life is breathing life, and not just rolling on by as if we are merely a passenger. 

My holiday wisely reminded me, to let go,  to  please myself and that conciously choosing to simplify is the most valuable decision I can make to ensure the deep and  bubbly kind of, never wipe the smile of your face happiness that will continue to buzz my  every day. 

The insightful and beautiful post of @LL_johnpaul_777  'I am mine...before I am anyone else's'  not only features as my Noctober Whisper, but will forever be a reminder to me to keep things simple.

Pleasing yourself doesn't mean being self absorbed. It's about acting on what you really value.  Feeding your life.

Though it is my dreams I work on, I can feel disconnected at times. Continually focusing on them in an effort to be - I guess, successful and feel purposeful,  I do not totally invest myself to be present.  I find valuing and spreading kindness incredibily grounding. There is a real longevity to happiness that comes from celebrating and appreciating others.
So stay tuned... who knows who will pop up in my future blogs and posts.  And THANK YOU @LL-johnpaul_777 I love your wisdoms. Very inspiring. 💖

                                                    Lisa G

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I am mine
before I am anyone else's.