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Mid Month sept Blog

Mention of an invitation I recently recieved ended our previous little chit chat with a bit of mystery. You may recall I  felt the invitation was likely more relevant for you than me.  Why? Well you just never know who is reading and also what ingredient will put the spring in their step and on the path they were born for. And as you will soon discover, the qualities for successfully executing the opportunity presented to me are not skills everyone has.

So what am I on about?  And...did I accept?

It's not everyday you are contacted and invited to join as a guest of a motivational speaker who, as it so happens, also believes you can too, follow in his footsteps to mentor other people.  Of course it is initially very flattering but after a few seconds I found myself wondering, is this for real? Why me?  What can I offer?  Am I qualified enough to do so?  Gosh...it's on a stage in front of alot of people.

Yes I have written a novel, am planning a second, written 5 childrens picture story books I am illustrating then will publish, but what can I share outside of this in a motivational speaking role that is both relevant inclusively to all regardless of occupation and offers continuing value that someone would want to pay for?

It's an important question afterall,  as I am an infant in the world of publishing and  an emerging author just beginning to make a little noise. I would think a well known author with a string full of bows would be better suited than me to stand infront of the masses.   

So what can I offer ? Am I suited to workshopping? Can I add value which will inspire others? Lets get real... that's what it is all about isn't it?  If you don't question yourself then how can we truly be of value, even to ourselves.

So here I am in a simple straight up paragraph. I  am everyone's neighbour, no silver spoon & no contacts to pave the way.  I have no letters after my name, no enviable qualifications or position of notoriety, I am just one in the crowd,  I am just an Aussie girl next door with a dream who  put one foot in front of the other, dove in and stuck at it no matter what the hurdle, after deciding,  "Why not me? Why not just try!"

When it boils down to it, I had really no idea how well I would  go and whether my dream would end up better used as a doorstop than sittIng on a bookshelf among my favourite authors. But I  really believed I could do it. The desire had burned inside since a teenager & my imagination begged at me, bursting to fill pages. So I did. Try, that is! And I surprised even myself of what I was capable. It turns out that where there is determination, there is more in ourselves than we think.

Thinking of the invitation I decided that what I can share with others is not expertise, it is not an encyclopedia of knowledge on any topic or a clear path on how best each person can realise thier own success.  I cannot pretend to be more than I am...as I am just the girl next door. I can only share my journey,  my approach, how I managed or not - both the challenges and the small successes, what I wrestled with, the lessons I have learnt along the way & perhaps what it was I felt, the most important reward from my effort as I worked to make my dream a reality.

The reward is simple. But for me, significant. However, it's probably not what you are thinking. Yes, realising the dream is out of this world rewarding but there is something more sustaining than reaching a goal. If just one person  truly embraced what I discovered, my dream would have far surpassed itself.

The reward?

Understanding  that surprising yourself of what you are capable, is the most valuable and powerful tool  you can own in your drive to realise your dreams.  Self empowerment comes from  stretching  the boundaries of  the box you define yourself by.   When you make small victories they extend your belief in yourself. Building collectively they lead  to that moment when you sit back, shake your head and say, 'Wow.  I really did that!" The feeling is intoxicating and far more motivating than any other feeling. It also breeds the best ingredient for success...commitment.

We all read the motivational quotes, we all know they hit the mark. But as with most lessons they are only truly learnt when  experienced.  It is only then you really grasp that you are truly only limited by what you think of yourself.  BELIEF in yourself isn't constant, it will be a battle and there will be moments you want to give in. But look back to where you started, celebrate the growth . No matter how small you may think it is, it is still growth. And... keep it going. The Great Wall of China did not just appear.

What about  that which holds us back from our full potential?  Yes , fear. Even if undefined, is terribly self limiting.  And for reasons individual to each person, I have discovered that surprising yourself by smashing your dream beyond your own expectations, can also sometimes be a little scary & self limiting.  Maybe this is you? I know this is me.  I am aware of what scares me .  To really fly,  it  is important to identify the choker. I found for myself, reminding me of  my 'why'  alleviates the anxiousness. By reigniting what drove me in the first place,   immediately my mind  resets to enjoy rather than get caught up in the noise. 

Reiterating my SEPTEMBER WHISPER,  whatever you do, you should firstly do it for yourself. It is important to satisfy our own souls and create our own happiness. A pure sense of contentment comes from having strived to try, to reach beyond our own constraints, re-creating & expanding our definition of ourselves while keeping perspective, keeping it real, keeping our feet on the ground. So just try.

And know that there is no, one fits all guaranteed success formula. Remember that only you are in your headspace,  noone can but you fully understand your dream. There is no expert on you and noone like you,  and these are  your strength, your power. 

Chase your dream because it is is yours.  If others  love it as eagerly as you live it, then that is a total bonus. 

In the end,  be motivated and strive to surprise yourself. The rewards are ongoing for a lifetime.

So, yes as it so happens,  I do have little bits and pieces to share, I love a chit chat and there is more and different topics to come. But the invitation?  

Well, lets just say that not only do I suck and am terribly uncomfortable standing front and centre in front of a  decent sized crowd,  I am not someone who can be something I am not truly in my heart.  A travelling,  gift of the gab, full on,  let's get everyone rocking speaker is a true art form.  One hundred percent it is not me.... it may however be you! And if it is...the need for life coaches & events  is huge and growing by the day! So get your skates on and promise me a front row seat!  I will champion you on. 

                                                                        Lisa G

                              BLOG MESSAGE

Whatever you do, do it for yourself. It is so important & fulfilling satisfying your own soul, creating your own life happiness.  A pure sense of contentment comes from having tried, strived,  to reach beyond our own constraints, re-creating & expanding our definition of ourselves while keeping perspective, keeping things  real and grounded. Believe you can and you will. All it takes is to start. Surprising yourself happens to be the best of feelings. It is self empowering.

                                    Lisa G.