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March...here we come!

Well yes! It is still February and March is yet a few days away. Don't hurry time, the year is advancing quick enough. I hear you. AND you are absolutely correct. My head is spinning too! But to make the most of our time, be it the day, the week, the month ahead or next five minutes... having a plan is a must!

With so much planning however, I wonder how we ever get time for the doing.  And the doing is so much more fun! Yep,  I hear you again... planning curbs the blunders, the mistakes and those embarrassing whoopsies. Planning is as much a saviour as  it does to masterfully pop a bubbly time.  

So do I have a plan for our little five minute take a break chit chat today? You would hope so after that little sermon. But  oh no,  I totally sit in the second paragraph. Not so much as a tiny thought pre blogging entered the planning zone.  Utterly and  totally spontaneous, you should be prepared for some whoopsies... because I am not going to overthink or cull here.  All I know is what sits in my heart. So what is that? 

Well, it's YOU! And that is what I want to celebrate!

OUT THERE and also, right under our noses.... is a massive  world of  the most wonderful and  truly amazingly talented individuals. Young, old and inbetween,   such beautiful souls shine strongly. Yes, of course there is, I hear you say. There are zillions of talented people.  But what's their story? Do you wonder?  I do!

With and without bubbles in hand, I have so totally enjoyed journeying through your posts, learning what you love, what you have to say, seeing how your talents, thoughts and offerings have matured, absorbing the goodness you are putting out in the world.  It's a real kick and it is also crazy to discover, even in my own little neck of the woods, the talent of us humans. So clever YOU are! So many messages, so much to learn from one another!

Ashly Hilst of www.instagram.com/@writingthinkandgrace, account and message is all about celebrating and taking delight in anothers work with a full heart. Love this! Her posts are uplifing and reassuring that every little bit of sparkle we float out there counts. Her goal is to be your champion, to unify and do what ever she can to make this world better and to help you on your way to where ever that may be. Then there is www.instagram.com/@sorayagoddard of Virginia U.S.A, who  is passionate about self care, reminding us of how important looking after yourself is and that we owe it to oursleves to stop watering dead plants, chasing anything or anyone that does not invigorate us. 

How lucky was I to then discover Chloe as I wandered the pages of Instagram? Pretty lucky I think! Though just emerging, the illustration talents of the very humble, young Australian www.instagram.com/@chloemcdonaldd (a local  just around the corner from me as it so happens) are incredibly beyond her years. I can't wait to see where her talents take her!  It amazes me how little we know of the talent in our own backyards so to speak. 

Motoring along I soon bumped into an inspiring  Contemporary musician I have been following . This wicked bass  guitarist www.instagram.com/@joshua_wynne   shares his brilliance as well as being frank and open with his struggles as a young  man negotiating a world that he is yet to understand and that is yet to understand him... though his love of music and what he has to say are totally understandable.  His fingers move in a blur! Astonishing to watch the self taught talent. How many hours of practice I boggle! Though some of the musicality might not be for everyone, everyone can appreciate his talent.  www.instagram/isabella_mcnally.music  is also another one that gets my heart. This teenager and aspiring Aussie singer is just starting out, wanting to sprinkle her own stardust, her voice is smooth as honey and she, in her own words "is just having a go."  She exudes warmth and character and a grateful attitude, a wonderful role model already for like ages. 

Then there are the photographers.... WOW WOW WOW! When you get a chance, scroll back to the first pics and then move on through to the most recent - so amazing see the transformation in skill and eye for detail, it is an opportunity not to be missed.  As Fi  Norris (account) www.instagram.com/@sleeping_pig-hollow   & Lhyn Thomas,
www.instagram.com/@nature.plantearth  share,  it totally is a smorgasboard of their life, what they see and how they see it, what is in the heart; and it is a  privledge to be able to witness. Likewise www.instagram.com/lets.travel_the_universe captures the attention to detail, with stunning shots, opening our eyes to the feast of colour the world offers us. Then there are the shots, the ones taken down to the smallest particle bringing the most powerful of images. Perfect shots of simplicity that speak so loudly in their beauty. Just incredible talent!

Then take an  Indie  ride with the unmistakably dedicated craftsman of film. Cassius at  www.instagram.com/@cassiusthedirector takes us to Hollywood, sharing his journey from conception, through casting and production to his 'one day' ...  a dream realised and red carpet launch. It is totally cool learning about his world. Fiercely people orientated, he is always looking to engage and up for a chat with his followers. The very down to earth Cubano/American is very real, very personal and totally entertaining. He is straight down the line and says things how they are. A refreshing perspective in a world of tinsel and drama that we as ordinary souls would never otherwise experience, or for that matter know was hidden among the not so glamorus idea of what Hollywood has become.  What an honour to be included and involved in his world in such a generous, untainted way.

There is so many gorgeous people doing their thing and who are making a difference. The thing is... all the post chat is free flowing  unadulterated conversation. So natural it is clearly not a crafted planned post they share.   Totally at ease, they are being themselves and giving so freely... not knowing who listens but doing it anyway. Why? Because it is in their heart.  It is of pure intention and this oozes through in bucket loads. There is no angle but goodness.

Gosh, I could go on and on... so many clever people! So many! But, of course, even as   I blog without a plan ... there's still, the five minute chit chat rule to stick too. L.ike I said, planning is a fizz spoiler!  Back to the bubbles I say!

With your coffee nearly cold already and in serious need of a top up I best move it along.

So... till next time... this Bubbly Blogger figures,  never over plan. There is something to be said for delivering straight from your heart that trumps anything finely tuned. But do PLAN on being spontaneous, rcandom in listening,  learning and connecting with others that you don't know. Be they on instagram, your work colleague,  the checkout chick who is  putting through your weekly groceries or maybe even someone you walk by often, smiling at them but don't know their name,  give them your time and enjoy the contentment that comes from investing yourself in others. Enjoy the vibes of their successes.

 Let's share the bubbles,  smile  and celebrate each other!

Lisa G   xxx

P.S. Hope I got all the  instagram handles right... tech is not my forte!

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"Sharing what sings in your heart
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Lisa G - Author.

"Beauty shines from what we feel,
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