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Whilst a fictional novel, RUMLA is based on and incorporates actual verifable facts of African myth and legend.  The Tale of Bida is one of the many legends which very much underpins the daily lives of the Ashanti Twi people before, during  and beyond the  gold trade Trans Sahara days.  With references to genuine rulers of the past such as Osei Tutu , armies such as the Denkyira, the tribe of the Ako Ben  and  the Golden Stool of the Odwira Festival,  there is no denying modern day Africa and RUMLA  have been influenced by a very rich cultural history.
Uniquely the chapter of Rumla, The Circle  are headed not by numbers but by visual  African Adrinka Symbols. These orignially pre-literate  born and ancient symbols  represent the teachings, ethics  and aphorisms of African life for the Ashanti people. Having a rich proverbial meaning they are wisdoms that continue to shape Africa today. For RUMLA -The Circle,  Adrika Symbol chapter headings set the tone and capture the "idea" of each chapter, giving an insight into the underlying chararcteristic of the chapter and a  read as you go, maturing concept of  RUMLA's plot.   To discover and learn more about the beauty of the Adinkra  chapter headings , please do visit website 

Interestingly also,  Rumla is both factually and  geographically located on a historically signficant location that was once a bouyant pot of wealth and riches. Since then, the maps of the world, the evolution of countries borders and adjustments to land ownership have rendered many of the cities of the old Ghana and the gold trade days all but disappeared.  Though their legacy lives on thanks to those who had the fortitude and insight to record thier impact on our world.

While it is true many facts have been incorporated within RUMLA,  I have taken the creative liberty to  mould, bend and twist in part, some details to compliment the plot. But there is  absolutely no mistake, the very real fact is that without the beauty of civilisations past,   RUMLA -  The Circle  would not have the depth of mystery it evokes.    
                                                                                               Lisa G

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