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     nothing is as it seems

The Dream

The knob rotated on its own accord. As the door opened fully, a beautiful spray of white light spilled out. Fading away it revealed a bewitching pendant dangling on a chain hung from the wrist of a man. The man was trapped in a dark maze of dirt walls covered with musterious markings. Frantic he tried read them but soon became crazy, losing his way, then his mind, before disappearing into thin air and leaving behind  his shoes in the space where he once stood.

          Directly above him a girl with long flowing dark hair stood forefront of the east window of a room. Four black stones hovered in mid-air before her. The floor,  which swirled wildly and inches beneath her feet, appeared to coil into its centre,  dropping away into an abyss so deep it

Dropping away, it sunk into an abyss so deep it seemed bottomless. To the right and at the edge of the pit a wispy bearded man, towereing over the girl, ordered her to cast the stones to the place marked by the Golden compass. She would not  command them. They hung in the air at her wish.   
       The old man grew angry. Raising his arms,  he turned his outstretched palms to greet the sky. Suddenly, his eyes fell away.His body shuddered and as if summoning a great power his arms dropped heavily, plunging to his side, rigid and tight against his body. Then as if nothing had happened he stood as he had started, looking to the girl.......but only this time...it was in the most un-natural way.

It's how  it always started.  Every time.
And, it came to me that  very first night.
The  VERY first night I slept in the attic.
And the attic...it has alot to tell.